Starter Pack

$ 89.99

Starter packs contain your choice of Medium or Small glasses, 1 Clear Base & 1 set of Clear Temples. Plus your choice of colors for 1 Full Frame Clip, 1 Brow Clip, 1 Outline Clip and 1 set of Temples.

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Full Clip

Outline Clip

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funoogles glasses base

The Base

It all starts at the Base. The Base is a classic, clear-colored design to style as you see fit. All of our snap-on styles attach in some way to the Base. Plus, it’s made from a flexible, TR-90 material.

funoogles glasses temples


Next, you’ll choose your temples. Temples rest comfortably on your ears to keep your funoogles attached to your head. Just pick a color or pattern, snap them into the Base, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to snap in and remove the Temples as you see fit.

funoogles glasses full frame

Full Frame Clip

The Full Frame Clip is a thicker design that covers the entire front side of your funoogles. Available in tons of great colors and patterns, the Full Frame Clip provides a bold, stylish look that’s easy to snap on and snap off to match your mood.

funoogles glasses brow clip

Eyebrow Clip

The Eyebrow Clip is a sleek design that styles the top half of your funoogles with your favorite color or pattern. Eyebrow Clips snap on and snap off just as easily as a Full Frame Clip, but give you a modern two-tone color option to rock your funoogles.

funoogles glasses brow clip

Outline Clip

The Outline Clip is thinner than the Full Frame Clip, but works just the same. Easy to snap on and snap off, Outline Clips cover the entire front side of your funoogles, and give your frames a unique outline of color that highlights your distinguishing features.