How it Works

The awesome part about funoogles is how you can change up almost every part of your glasses! Swap the color. Thicken the frame. Switch the temples. You can create your own set of glasses every day! Check out your options below, and show the world how you see things.

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how funoogles work
How to Build Your Funoogles.
funoogles glasses base

The Base

It all starts at the Base. The Base is a classic, clear-colored design to style as you see fit. All of our snap-on styles attach in some way to the Base. Plus, it’s made from a flexible, TR-90 material.

funoogles glasses temples


Next, you’ll choose your temples. Temples rest comfortably on your ears to keep your funoogles attached to your head. Just pick a color or pattern, snap them into the Base, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to snap in and remove the Temples as you see fit.

funoogles glasses full frame

Full Frame Clip

The Full Frame Clip is a thicker design that covers the entire front side of your funoogles. Available in tons of great colors and patterns, the Full Frame Clip provides a bold, stylish look that’s easy to snap on and snap off to match your mood.

funoogles glasses brow clip

Eyebrow Clip

The Eyebrow Clip is a sleek design that styles the top half of your funoogles with your favorite color or pattern. Eyebrow Clips snap on and snap off just as easily as a Full Frame Clip, but give you a modern two-tone color option to rock your funoogles.

funoogles glasses brow clip

Sun Glass Clip

The optional sunglass clip has Polarized UV 400 Flash Mirror coated lenses. Easy to snap on and snap off, the sun clip does not contain a prescription, it simply fits over the clear base which holds the RX lenses.

Making a Difference

Our purpose spans the globe. From our experience with our daughter we realized how many people here in the USA and around the world lack proper eye care. With a little imagination, a lot of fun, and the help of the like-hearted, our hope is to reach children across the world who lack access to proper eye care. funoogles just participated in its first social mission in Santiago, Dominican Republic in conjunction with the Volunteer Health Program providing sunglasses to children who received cataract, strabismus and other vision saving surgeries.


Social mission: A portion of funoogles sales will be donated to the VHP.