Friends of funoogles

friends of funoogles illustrated characters

What’s funoogles? Glad you asked!

Every day we can style our hair, change our attitudes and wear fresh socks. Why can’t we change our glasses too?

That’s where funoogles comes in. funoogles is a fresh pair of glasses or sunglasses every day of the week. With a few easy snaps, you can change up the style and color of your frames to match your mood.

Plus, it doesn’t cost much to keep your funoogles fresh. With affordable starter packs and tons of snap-on styles on their way, a fresh new look is right within reach.

funoogles customized glasses for kids
funoogles glasses right temple piece
funoogles glasses left temple piece

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Meet the Friends of funoogles

Say hi to our good friends Vizzie, Spec, Leni & Iris. Each one has a personality of their own. Vizzie is a little jumpy, Spec is a cool cat, Leni is daydreamer, and Iris is smart as a whip. These whacky little creatures show us how fun it is to see things differently. And of course, they all love to rock their funoogles.

the friends of funoogles
Cool Glasses for young kids

How it Works

Behind every pair of funoogles is a clear colored design that keeps your lenses nice and snug. What happens after that is totally up to you!


Swap the color. Thicken the frame. Switch the temples. Show the world how you see things. The awesome part about funoogles is how you can change up almost every part of your glasses.


With lots of classic, colorful and curious snap-on clips to pick from, you can switch up the style and color of your frames. Anytime. Every day.

Making a Difference

Our purpose spans the globe. From our experience with our daughter we realized how many people here in the USA and around the world lack proper eye care. With a little imagination, a lot of fun, and the help of the like-hearted, our hope is to reach children across the world who lack access to proper eye care. funoogles just participated in its first social mission in Santiago, Dominican Republic in conjunction with the Volunteer Health Program providing sunglasses to children who received cataract, strabismus and other vision saving surgeries.


Social mission: A portion of funoogles sales will be donated to the VHP.