Summer Crafts we Can't Wait to Try

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Summer Crafts we Can't Wait to Try
The sunshine season is officially here with endless outdoor activities and adventures to enjoy, but if you’re burnt out on sun, sea and surf (or just looking for something to do indoors) here are a few crafty ideas we love…

This one is super easy (and perfect for July 4)! Simply take 4 pipe cleaners, fold them in half and twist them together at the bottom. Then, fan them out to make a star shape and dip them in the paint (and glitter) of your choice (we love classic red, white and blue). Stamp them on colored paper to create an awesome “firework display!”

Fun to watch and almost no effort required, this craft is ideal for super sunny days. Take a selection of old crayons, peel off the labels and break them up into various sizes. Then, place the broken crayons on a canvas (at random or in a pattern), put the canvas in direct sunlight and wait for the crayons to melt into an amazing abstract pattern. When the crayon has melted to your liking, carefully move the canvas into a shady spot to cool.

Perfect if you’ve just taken a trip to the beach, this craft gives kids something fun to create with the shells they’ve collected. Simply take 2 sticks (one around 6 inches long and one around 3 inches long) and use string of different lengths and colors to attach shells to the sticks. Then, hang the smaller stick from the longer one using two pieces of string (the same length), tie a 24-inch string handle to the longer stick and you're done!

The easiest of the bunch, this activity needs nothing more than some vacation souvenirs and a few large jars (we like colorful Mason jars). Collect souvenirs of various shapes and sizes—a model of a building, a postcard, some seashells, movie tickets, etc.—and arrange them inside the jar to make a little scene. Even better if you can add some sand to hold everything in place. Place the jar somewhere special and you can revisit your vacation memories any time!