7 Things you Shouldn't Say to Someone with Glasses

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7 Things you Shouldn't Say to Someone with Glasses

If you’ve never worn glasses yourself, you may not understand that the spectacle-wearers of the world are often asked the exact same questions (or told the exact same things) on a daily basis. Consider this your friendly reminder that there are certain things you should never say to someone who wears glasses (because someone else probably just said it to them anyway).

1. “Can I try your glasses on?”
So you can get fingerprints all over them, tell me they are uncomfortable and then volunteer others to try them on? Sure, why not! Even worse is trying them on and then saying…

2. “Wow! You’re really blind.”
Let me break this down for you: I wear glasses, you don’t wear glasses. Therefore, when you try my glasses on, they are going to distort your vision and not improve it BECAUSE YOU DON’T WEAR GLASSES.

3. “Have you always worn glasses?”
Yes, yes I have. Let’s move on.

4. “You would look so much better without glasses!”
Guess what… you would look better if I wasn’t wearing glasses too. Get it? Because you’d be all blurry. Get it?

5. “Why don’t you wear contacts or get Lasik?”
Because the thought of putting something directly into my eye every single day (or having a laser shoot into my eye) kind of freaks me out. I’d rather just stick with my good old glasses.

6. “How many fingers am I holding up?”
You’re holding up 3 fingers. How can I tell? Because not wearing glasses makes things slightly blurry and doesn’t affect my ability to count. Also, because everyone always holds up 3 fingers.

7. “You look just like [insert glasses-wearing celebrity/character/cartoon here]!”
In that we both wear glasses? Yes. In any other way? Nope!