6 Unavoidable Back-to-School Truths

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6 Unavoidable Back-to-School Truths

Back-to-school season is almost upon us… why does summer always fly by so fast? Whether you’re the one whose vacation is winding down or you’re preparing for your kids to get back into the school routine, there are a few familiar (and funny) things you’ll go through. Here are a few of them:

1. You’ll go back-to-school shopping, spend a bunch of money and come away with nothing that resembles an actual school-appropriate outfit.

2. All the school supplies that you or your kids actually want will have sold out long ago, forcing you to buy a second-rate version (that they’ll never let you forget about).

3. Whether you’re a parent or a kid, you’ll end up feeling totally overwhelmed by day one of school, either because of assignments or parental duties.

4. You’ll have no idea what to make for school lunches. In fact, you’ll have no memory of what you ever made for school lunches or what your kids even like to eat.

5. While you woke up early and full of energy on vacation, you’ll wake up late and exhausted on the first day of school.

6. You’ll get back into the swing of things faster than you could imagine but never stop wishing it was summer all over again!

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