5 Unexpected Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

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5 Unexpected Ways to Unleash Your Creativity
Creativity makes the world go round. It’s behind the greatest innovations, inventions and works of art that we know. But where does creativity come from? Lots of people think that you’re either born creative or not but that’s not the case. Creativity is a skill that can be learned, nurtured and enhanced. Ready to tap into your inner creativity? Keep reading for 5 unexpected techniques…

1. Be Curious
To unleash your creativity, you must first unleash your curiosity. Don’t sit around waiting for inspiration, go after it! Gather as much information as you can on topics that interest you or topics that you don’t know a lot about. Creativity strikes in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times, so just enjoy the process of learning about something new.

2. Don’t Overthink
Creativity often comes from our unconscious thoughts—in our dreams, in the shower or when we’re focused on something else. Allow your thoughts to bubble away without judging or dismissing them. But make sure you’re ready when creativity strikes! It makes sense to always carry a pen and paper for when a brilliant idea arrives.

3. Mass Brainstorm
Feeling blocked. Try a mass brainstorm: write down as many ideas as you feasibly can, no matter how silly they may seem. Move away from being critical and allow your brain to focus on churning out as many unexpected ideas as possible.

4. Take a Break from the Everyday
Perhaps the best way to get creative is to do something different in your everyday life. Newness and novelty allow you to see things differently, so try taking a different route to work or school, watch new TV shows, listen to different music, speak to people you wouldn’t normally speak to or take an unexpected trip—all of them act as fuel for creativity.

5. Get Outside Yourself
Exercise stimulates the brain, so get outside and get moving. Try an activity that you haven’t tried before for bonus creative points. Exercises that stimulate vigorous activity—running, aerobics, yoga, spinning or swimming should send new ideas flying like crazy!

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