22 Unexpected Things We’re Thankful For

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22 Unexpected Things We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and, of course, we’re beyond thankful for our health, friends and family, but sometimes it’s the little things that we forget to be thankful for… things that often have a big impact in our lives or even just make us smile on a difficult day. Here’s our list; what’s yours?

1. The intricate designs in latte foam… such a simple way to make someone smile.

2. Fun Uber drivers that manage to make your trip just as enjoyable as the destination.

3. Online cat videos.

4. Being able to download a favorite song, tv show or movie in an instant!

5. Donuts. No explanation necessary for this one.

6. Having exact change.

7. Pets! Because they’re always happy to see you and make even the most stressful day seem ok.

8. Finding a perfect parking spot on a busy day.

9. 99 cent stores or $1 bargain bins.

10. Rediscovering a song you love and listening to it on repeat.

11. When somebody saves you embarrassment by telling you that there’s something in your teeth, on your face, on your shirt, etc.

12. Phone cases that save you from having to purchase a brand new smartphone with every clumsy mishap.

13. Warm showers and baths.

14. Elastic waistbands… especially at this time of year.

15. Every Adele song. Actually, just Adele in general.

16. Singing as loud as you can to Adele when nobody is around.

17. GPS… otherwise many of us would never make it home again.

18. The moment you wake up from the perfect nap.

19. Good hair days.

20. Laughing so hard that you can’t finish the joke or story you’re telling.

21. Starbucks’ holiday drinks.

22. Funoogles! Because without them the eyewear world wouldn’t be such a fun place!