10 Goals We've Got For June

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10 Goals We've Got For June
Happy June 1! With each new month, week (and let's face it, day) we set more and more goals for ourselves, but these are often about achieving more, maximizing our time and getting results fast. Whatever happened to setting goals that are all about enjoyment? In that spirit, here are 10 things we're determined to fit into out busy lives this June...

1. Make (and eat) fresh fruit popsicles. Because what could be more delicious?

2. Celebrate Donut Day to the fullest (hint: it's Friday, June 9). And maybe that could be even more delicious than the fresh fruit popsicles.

3. Make the most of every moment with dad. Why wait for Father's Day... make it a whole month!

4. Go somewhere we've never been before. And explore all day.

5. Do something that scares us... like ride a rollercoaster, or just look at a spider without running away. Whatever. 

6. Spend a whole day without any tv or internet. Texting might be pushing it...

7. Wear lots more colors and patterns. In fact, wear ONLY colors and patterns.

8. Plan the perfect picnic.

9. Catch up with old friends, which usually involves laughing until we cry (another goal achieved).

10. Enjoy the little moments because each new month only comes around once. Make the most of it!