What Your Favorite (Funoogles) Color Says About You!

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What Your Favorite (Funoogles) Color Says About You!
Let's face it, one of the very best things about funoogles is our amazing range of colors (if we do say so ourselves). There are endless combos to mix and match (and mismatch) but everyone has a secret favorite. Just for fun, here's what we think your favorite funoogles color says about you...

BLUE - Super smart and studious, you are probably top of your class! You genuinely enjoy learning and can always be counted on to work hard.

GREEN - You're calm and can be pretty quiet. While you're not shy, you enjoy spending time alone and feel happiest when you are outdoors.

PINK - Kind and compassionate, you're always there to help out a friend or someone in need. People see you as being super sweet.

BROWN - You love spending time at home with family more than anywhere else. You're the kind of person who would say their brother or sister is their best friend!

RED - You have a lot of energy and are very social! Always surrounded by people, you are often the life and soul of the party.

YELLOW - Happy, cheerful and creative, you don't let a lot of things bother you and people admire your sunny outlook on everything.

WHITE - You are highly organized and cannot stand mess. You probably color-code your socks. Your parents love how clean and tidy you keep your room!

GREY - A little bit of a mystery, you tend to be quite reserved and only let your very best friends know the real you.

PURPLE - You are quote grown-up for your age and often enjoy spending time (and sharing stories with) with people older than you.

PEACH - Highly sensitive and creative, you probably love art, music, drama or writing--anywhere that you can express your emotions.

ORANGE - "Fun" is your favorite word! Adventurous and carefree at heart, you are always happy to try something new.

CLEAR - You are very straightforward and have no problem telling people exactly what you think. People admire your honesty!

Of course, you need to have a pair of funoogles to have a favorite! So start here!