10 Things all Kids with Glasses Know to be True

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10 Things all Kids with Glasses Know to be True

However old you are, wherever you live and whatever you do, if you wear glasses, there are certain things that unite us all. Your glasses have been with you through thick and thin, so much so that you sometimes forget you’re even wearing them, but sometimes these universal truths are there to remind you…

1. You look like a completely different person with your glasses on versus glasses off (like, you might not even be able to pick yourself out of a lineup without your awesome frames on).

2. You worry about having to get up suddenly in the middle of the night because you won’t be able to see! Hearing things that go "bump" in the night just got even less fun.

3. You have to hold objects super close to your face if you aren’t wearing glasses (your phone, remote control, cereal box... you get the idea).

4. Someone will ask to try on your glasses at least once per week.

5. And they’ll usually say “Oh wow, you’re blind!” Which will make you mad.

6. Rain, steam or hot food and drinks are always an issue. BRB while I wait for my glasses to become usable again.

7. You instantly look smarter with your glasses on (it’s really true).

8. Forgetting your glasses almost immediately leads to dangerous and embarrassing situations, like talking to the wrong people, walking too close to moving vehicles or thinking a garden hose is a poisonous snake (don't worry, it happens to us all).

9. You sometimes don’t recognize your own friends if you’re not wearing your glasses.

10. Being stuck with a smudge on your glasses is like the worst itch that you can’t scratch.