7 Genius Glasses Hacks You Need to Know Now

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7 Genius Glasses Hacks You Need to Know Now
Living with glasses—especially when you're a kid—isn't always easy: they get misplaced easily (especially when you can't see well enough to find them again), steam up when you eat or drink something warm, smudge easily, etc., etc. Thankfully, there are some quick, easy and downright ingenious fixes to the most common glasses complaints that we've compiled for you right here. Enjoy!

1. Can't find your glasses? If you're nearsighted, use your phone camera to focus for you so you can see more clearly (and find your frames faster).

2. Put a small line of glow-in-the-dark paint, pen or tape on your glasses case so you can find it easily in the dark!

3. Use oil-free dish soap, warm water and a microfiber cloth to easily deep-clean dirty lenses.

4. Always adjust temples and nose clips on a flat surface to ensure a perfect fit.

5. If you have multiple pairs of glasses, store them on a clothes hanger for easy access (and to avoid scratches).

6. If your glasses are continually slipping, try tying a hair tie at the end of each temple to rest comfortably behind your ear.

7. Still slipping? Try Nerdwax—a natural, organic blend of coconut oil and beeswax—on the pads or bridge of your glasses. Get it here.

Of course, you can't try any of these hacks if you don't have your glasses yet! So start here!