10 Goals We’ve Got for September

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10 Goals We’ve Got for September

A new month and a new season are just around the corner, signaling the start of all things Fall! While it might be back-to-school season, there are still plenty of exciting activities we want to experience before the month is over. Here are 10 of them below:

1. Take a walk every day to see when the leaves start to change.

2. Start planning an amazing Halloween costume (you can never start too early).

3. Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5 by ordering your favorite pie!

4. Make a “rainy day box” filled with fun games that you can only play on a rainy day.

5. Start dressing for colder weather. Hello, sweaters, jackets and scarves!

6. Open the windows and let the crisper, cooler air in. No more closing the windows and cranking up the AC.

7. Try a new flavor of pie (or try every flavor of pie)… your call!

8. Go to a bonfire. Bonus points for eating s’mores.

9. Take more naps. Fall feels like napping season, right?

10. Get ready because there are 2 more months of fall fun to come!