10 Goals we’ve got for October

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10 Goals we’ve got for October

We don’t want to say that October is our favorite month (that would be unfair to the other months) but let’s just say it’s one of the very best. The weather starts to cool down, leaves start to change and things start to feel a little spooky. There are a million things we’d like to do this month but here are our top 10 (hint: most of them involve Halloween or massive amounts of food).

1. Taste test as many kinds of caramel corn, kettle corn and candy corn as we can. Then create definitive rankings so that we know which ones to reach for next year.

2. Spend an entire evening under a blanket watching movies with friends or family.

3. Collect the prettiest (and cleanest) autumn leaves to use for crafts.

4. Make a new friend. Really this should be a goal every month but we feel particularly inspired for October.

5. Try at least 5 different types of pies. We’re not talking whole pies, just a slice. Unless you insist?

6. Come up with the most kickass homemade Halloween costume that will impress everyone (and get the most candy, obviously).

7. Go seriously overboard on Halloween decorations. Seriously.

8. Find our way out of a corn maze without screaming or crying (or screaming and crying at the same time).

9. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick out the weirdest looking pumpkin there. Bonus points if it’s a color other than orange.

10. Carve that weird pumpkin into an even weirder Jack o’ Lantern… no boring smiling faces here.